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BIBLE STUDY: To Yield With All Your Soul

"What in the world does God think he's doing!?" Let's face it, this is a question we've all asked at some point—especially in times of deep discouragement, suffering, and sorrow. The times when it seems impossible to see God's involvement in our lives, much less to believe he cares.

In To Yield With All Your Soul, you'll see how God actually shaped the lives of a variety of people in his Grand Story. And in the process, you'll learn how he personally shapes you to resemble his son, Jesus, using the very circumstances and people you often want out of your life.

You'll learn how the Holy Spirit and you have a partnership in the process of spiritual transformation, and the ways in which your own nature, the world around you, and the unseen spiritual world seek to undo what God is committed to finishing.

To Yield With All Your Soul will provide you with fresh insights that will help to embrace and discern what God is already doing in your life, as well as move you along with confidence on the difficult but only pathway to true growth that endures.

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