To Walk and Not Grow Weary

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When your resources are at a low ebb, you're susceptible to depression—and let's be honest, none of us is fully exempt from its invisible grip. You may already be struggling to keep your head above water, all the time fighting off arguments from within and without—emotional fatigue, loneliness in a networked world, discouragement, pressure to perform, oppressive guilt, and circumstances you can't change.

The good news is that people in God's grand Story have faced very similar circumstances that plague us twenty centuries later, yet they emerged stronger than when they entered the tunnel they thought owned them. To Walk and Not Grow Weary contains 12 Bible studies of God's people under pressure. You'll learn how to recognize the enemies to your personal peace, and welcome God's insight on vanquishing them.

  • JOB - When the lights go out
  • DAVID - Dealing with guilt
  • JESUS - How to handle rejection
  • BARNABAS - Encouraging others - An alternative to self-pity

This Bible study has sold over 300,000 copies.