To Stand and Not Be Moved

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When circumstances change and life gets going too fast, it's easy to get swept away with the current. We get dragged down and pulled off course by things like selfishness, distorted priorities, avoiding difficulty, and making things more important than God.

To Stand and Not Be Moved is a Bible study designed to help you get a grip on living your faith on a level that is both deep and realistic. You'll examine the lives of 12 different characters in God's grand Story who stood firm in the midst of life's chaos. People like…

  • EVE - The necessity of a grateful heart
  • ESTHER - Seeing your life as a means, not an end
  • DANIEL - Staying true when it matters most
  • NATHAN - speaking the difficult truth…in love

This Bible study was a finalist in the Gold Medallion Book Awards, from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.