The Fullness of Time (spiral bound)

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Since the launch of Hands of Hur in the fall of 2005, Fran has been developing and teaching a series that has become known as the Hands of Hur "biblical literacy series." Originally crafted to be taught as three, year-long community Bible classes, covering the entire Bible, it has evolved into three, 12-hour seminars being taught primarily to collegiate ministry staff in the eastern half of the U.S.

Many people have asked about getting a copy of the printed notes for these three courses. That is now possible. The Fullness of Time is the complete teaching notes for the three year-long series in a single, durable, 375 page spiral-bound reference work.

While Fran was crafting these three year-long courses, he penned a plethora of personal research notes in the margins of his own teaching syllabus. The fruit of that research has been converted to footnotes in The Fullness of Time — nearly 800 of them!

The Fullness of Time contains over 170 charts, graphics, timelines, and tables, such as the kings of Judah and Israel, comparative charts, Old Testament prophecies in the four Gospels, James' use of the Sermon on the Mount, the Psalms in the New Testament, the family trees of the entire Herodian family, and timelines for world empires, Paul's life, and others. Hours of research and careful design went into the creation of these graphical resources. You'll find them invaluable in your personal study and teaching. For example, the Old Testament section of The Fullness of Time contains a "Snapshot" of each of the major books, providing a book summary, basic geography, key chapters, and a helpful content outline.

An excellent resource for anyone who teaches or simply wants to learn more about God's grand Story. Order your copy today. Price includes shipping and handling.