15/30 Series - Book 3 MARK: New Discoveries

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Let's face it, having personal devotions is difficult. But, it's not just a matter of discipline. It's also a challenge simply to figure out what to do or where to start. The 15/30 Series, written by Fran Sciacca, was designed to accomplish two goals: First, to provide a resource that is totally personal, and fully biblical. Second, to provide a resource that is also reasonable in terms of time constraints and suitable regardless of spiritual maturity.

Each of the four books in the series follows the same format:

  • It is designed to take 15 minutes, and has material for 30 days.
  • Each day's entry consists of a 3-5 verse passage of scripture, background information (if helpful), a brief study of the passage, a section for personal reflection, and finally a few suggestions for application from the passage of that day.
  • Optional scripture memory suggestions are provided as well.

This third book in the series takes you into select passages from was likely the first Gospel written, the Gospel of Mark. You'll have 30 days to get to know Jesus more intimately as you spend time studying and reflecting on his relationship with a variety of people, and with his Father.