Episode 0: "test drive"

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Launching a new evangelistic small group, or deciding whether or not to begin meeting one-on-one with someone to share the gospel, are both huge decisions. And, it's difficult to find the right resources. The content of "What's Wrong With the World?" has been carefully crafted to address many of the questions orbiting our culture right now about the gospel and discipleship in the 21st century. Hands of Hur, the producers of this series, believes you are entitled to be able to evaluate this resource before using it. Welcome to the "test drive" option…

TEST DRIVE:This "test drive" is intended to introduce you to the content and format of the full resource. You'll get a great feel for the series goals, the structure and format of the Leaders Guide, and most importantly, what's expected of you as a leader.


  • One Standard Definition (SD) MP4 video file of Session One, "Who are they, and where are they now?" of Part I of "What's Wrong With the World?" (This is the "college" version of Episode One. There is also a "post-college" version that has slightly different content.)
  • One PDF file that contains a Content Summary for each of the nine videos that comprise the teaching component of the 14 sessions of the mixed-media resource, "What's Wrong With the World?"
  • One PDF file that contains the first 9 pages of the Leaders Guide, including an Introduction to the series concept, suggestions for use, and the complete Leaders Guide material for Episode 1 of the video and Session One of the series.

ACCESS: The two PDF files are downloadable and printable. You will have unlimited streaming access to the video file for 21 days. (it is not downloadable)

[NOTE]: The full version of "What's Wrong With the World?" is available in two options: (1) The complete series in DVD format, or as separate, streamable videos and downloadable and printable PDF files.